Mike Davenport

Hi, my name is Mike “Louisville Chevy Dude” Davenport. I have been in the automobile business since 2000 and really enjoy helping good people with their automobile needs in a no pressure environment. When I am not at the dealership, I enjoy many fun activities with my family. I married my high school sweetheart, Adrienne, and we have three awesome kids. Zac is 17, Caitlin is 14, and Anya is 12. Adrienne and I have been together for 20 years come the end of 2012. Having older children, they defiantly keep my wife and I busy (mainly my wife). Zac does various things with his Navy ROTC unit at Floyd Central High School. Caitlin and Anya are our sports kids and are in every sport they can get into. Caitlin swims year round for RAC (Riverside Aquatic Club) in Southern Indiana and on the Varsity swim team for Floyd Central. Anya also swims for RAC and she enjoys diving. Caitlin is a great artist and loves to draw. She also plays the flute and is in the marching band. Anya also plays the flute and is in band at Highland Hills Middle School.

My wife and I enjoy spending lots of time together and many times you will find us together when I am not working. My wife works for the Harrison County YMCA in Indiana during the day when the kids are in school. She does several things in the aquatics area for the YMCA of Harrison County. I am a computer and electronics geek. I love to do anything with computers and electronics and that puts me one step ahead with all of the new technology in our cars today. I am typically the go-to guy for everyone at the dealership when it comes to the technology with our vehicles. I also enjoy golfing, riding my motorcycles (not at the same time lol), canoeing with friends, and various other outdoor activities. I love the Louisville area and love to be out in the community. I love being outdoors and the warmer weather that we have here; it is a big change from where I am originally from. I look forward to helping you out with your automotive needs. If there is anything I can be of assistance don’t hesitate to call or email. You can also find me on social media sites or thru my website www.lvillechevydude.com