Larry Wilson

I first started in the car industry four years ago. I retired from a tobacco company after 29 years primarily in sales. Started my own business right after retirement that lasted for a few years and thus bringing me to the car business. Not really looking for much to do but my sales juices kicked in and I found to like the car industry. I graduated from Lincoln High School in Vincennes, Indiana and spent two years of college at Vincennes University where I studied in business. Should get my money back. I moved to Louisville 25 years ago from Richmond, Virginia bringing me closer to family. I raised two wonderful children that have given me grandchildren that I truly adore. My father died eight years ago and my mother is still living. She resides in Vincennes, Indiana with my brother and sister and several nephews and nieces. At one time I was volunteering with a Youth Center for abused children in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. I would like to spend more time with abused children as it was always a very rewarding experience.

I really enjoy playing golf and wish I could play more. I have a Beagle who keeps me in check by always giving me his love and affection. Thank God he can’t talk! My love for church still lingers within and I wish I could give back what I have missed by not being there every Sunday. God has given me several chances and I feel I owe him dearly. I can’t say enough about the time I have spent with the Bachman family. I say family because that is what it is here, a family. That is what brought me here in the first place. My fondest memory working at Bachman is when a few of us went to lunch and took a car off the lot, which we aren’t supposed to do. I knew this was wrong but I was hypnotized in the moment. As we came out of the restaurant, we noticed the car was gone. I soon realized, or thought I did, that someone had hidden the car close by. As we kept looking and not finding anything like the Tahoe we took, I knew we were screwed. So now it was time to make a decision as to who had make the call that we no longer had the vehicle we came in and that someone was going to have to pick us up. It seems that a particular individual found out that we had taken the car and had someone come and get it. They left us out to dry for quite some time. Knowing we had been bad boys I made a decision that I would not be hypnotized ever again. That is my story and I am sticking to it.