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Our Chevrolet dealership has long been a fantastic source for new Chevy vehicles in Louisville, but we also carry an impressive range of used and certified pre-owned vehicles. The benefits of going with one of these two options are significant. We’ll dive into the details on them for you below.

The Benefits of Buying Used from Bachman

black chevrolet truck tailgate with a ribbon tied around a chrome bumper

Photo by Hitchster | Licensed with CC BY 2.0

Used vehicles are considerably more affordable than their new counterparts. They don’t have warranties most of the time unless they’re certified pre-owned, but the other advantages to purchasing used are numerous.

Depreciation Is Less of an Issue

The moment a brand-new vehicle is driven off of the dealership lot for the first time and to the residence of the owner, it can lose up to 11% of its value on average. Vehicles depreciate further each year at an average rate of around 15% each year for the first six or seven years. Just to be clear, the percentage is calculated off of the vehicle’s current value each year, not the original purchase price.

For instance, a vehicle that ended its initial depreciation at $20,000 and goes through a further 15% over the next year will have the third depreciation calculated from $17,000. Depreciation rates vary considerably from vehicle to vehicle and depend on the current market, so it is important to do specific research to discover the rate for the desired vehicle. One of our professional Bachman Chevrolet staff members at our Louisville, KY dealership can help with that.

The Difference in Price Can Be Spent on Upgrades

The money saved by buying a used car can be spent to improve the vehicle in a way that would have been more expensive in total when done to a new one. If someone has a budget of $30,000 and goes with a used vehicle at $20,000 instead of a new one at their maximum budget, they still have $10,000 to add packages and performance parts to it.

Our Chevy dealership offers performance versions of engines, transmissions, alternators, fuel pumps, camshafts, ignition control modules, intake manifolds, carburetors, shocks, struts, and a plethora of other car parts. We do more than sell vehicles at Bachman Chevy. We have a dedicated shop staff that is ready and willing to turn your used vehicle into your dream vehicle.

Used Car Registration Fees and Insurance Premiums Are Cheaper

Registration fees are based on a vehicle’s model year and value, so used car owners spend less on registration. Insurance plans are mandated by state and federal law throughout the United States. New vehicles usually have to have a more comprehensive form of insurance than used ones. Most states allow drivers to pay for liability insurance alone, though some also require a degree of personal injury insurance coverage. The law is applied based on the state the vehicle is registered in.

An 8-year-old vehicle is around 25% cheaper to insure than a brand-new vehicle of the same make and model. This may not seem like a major difference, but the savings build up over time. The longer a used vehicle is kept in optimal condition, the more its owner will have saved.

The Benefits of Buying Certified Pre-Owned From Bachman

Certified pre-owned vehicles at Bachman Chevrolet are put through a rigorous 172-point list of checks and tests to make sure they’re up to our exacting standards prior to certification. There are many other benefits alongside the dependability proven by these checks:

Certified Pre-Owned Warranty Coverage

We’re so certain of our results that when we certify a pre-owned vehicle, it gains warranty coverage that uncertified used cars aren’t usually covered by. The first certified pre-owned warranty is known as a limited powertrain warranty. This warranty covers the engine and other mechanical parts vital to a vehicle’s proper functionality. The second certified pre-owned warranty is the limited bumper-to-bumper warranty. This warranty covers the non-core-mechanical components of the vehicle, like the infotainment system, power-adjustable seating, and other in-cabin components.

The limited powertrain warranty is good for six years or 100,000 miles. The bumper-to-bumper warranty is good for 12 months or 12,000 miles. Both hold $0 deductible rates and are fully transferable. Both last to whichever elapses first, the timeframe or the mile limit.

Roadside Assistance and Exchange Program Access

Our certified pre-owned vehicles come with a three-day or 150-mile satisfaction guarantee. If you change your mind about the vehicle within those ranges, you can exchange it for a different one. Certified pre-owned vehicles from our dealership also have 24/7 roadside assistance access for six years or 100,000 miles. If something happens within those ranges, the vehicle can be towed to a certified facility for repairs.

Flexible and Reasonable Financing

We’re sure that our elite financing team will be able to help you work out a plan to obtain your preferred certified pre-owned or used vehicle in a low-stress, high-attentiveness atmosphere. Whether you have no credit, a history with some credit challenges, or strong credit, we can get you in a solid Chevrolet in no time flat.

Our financing application is easy to fill out, and our people are easy to work with. Whether you want to pay more each month to shorten your contract term or lengthen the term to pay less each month, we’ll gladly do our utmost to work out an agreement everyone is comfortable with.

The Bachman Chevrolet Standard of Service

Bachman Chevrolet serves the good citizens of Louisville and the surrounding area and has for many years. Our Chevrolet dealership is dedicated to making sure the people of all the nearby communities have access to the most dependable used and certified pre-owned Chevrolets in the area.

Our used vehicle specials are significant and changing all the time, so check what is available regularly to find a fantastic deal on the Chevy of your dreams. From the lot search to the maintenance and repairs that are required down the road, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

As you can see, we at Bachman Chevrolet have a great deal to offer everyone in search of a used or certified pre-owned car, truck, or sport utility vehicle. Feel free to come in and check out our expansive inventory at your leisure. If you have any questions about our quality vehicle selection or any of our warranties or services, give us a call at 502-709-6339  and we’ll respond as soon as we are able.

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