What Is A Rocky Ridge Lifted Truck?

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Chevrolet has been manufacturing quality trucks for many decades. The popular Silverado 1500 tops the sales charts, while the Silverado HD comes in second. Chevrolet also makes the Colorado pickup, a light-duty truck that pulls its weight. At Bachman Chevrolet, we know some truck owners want to upfit their pickup, adding lifted styling and off-road capability. That’s why we partnered with Rocky Ridge Trucks. Now, you can buy from us and get your truck built by Rocky Ridge Trucks. And it’s easier than you might imagine.

What Are Rocky Ridge Trucks?

For over 33 years, Rocky Ridge Trucks has designed and built custom trucks from every manufacturer. Headquartered in Georgia, Rocky Ridge Trucks works with dealerships nationwide to create one-of-a-kind pickups for truck enthusiasts. Bachman Chevrolet is proud to partner with them. Rocky Ridge Trucks builds most of its parts in its facility, and when you talk with a design specialist, they’ll work to bring your vision to life. You can choose from many standard packages. Or, if you want something unique, your design consultant can adjust each package to suit your needs. You’ll end up with an American-made quality masterpiece with aggressive style and unparalleled performance.

The Rocky Ridge Trucks Advantage

Many truck owners modify their trucks at home, which we respect. However, getting the same quality build as a Rocky Ridge Truck would take an extremely talented mechanic even to get close. First, you can’t get Rocky Ridge Trucks parts for home builds, so you’ll need to piece together components from various manufacturers. This practice invariably leads to an imperfect result, as parts from different manufacturers don’t always work well together.

Rocky Ridge Trucks goes to great lengths to design the ideal build where all parts work harmoniously together. You’ll end up with the perfect fit, finish, and performance. You’ll also get a truck that adheres to the Federal Motor Vehicles Safety Standard and never voids your factory warranty. To make building your truck financially convenient, you can roll the cost of your build into your financing deal.

When you order your vehicle from Bachman Chevrolet, we’ll send it to Rocky Ridge Trucks. Typically, they finish your build in 6-8 weeks. Once completed, your vehicle gets sent back to us for delivery to you. If you ever have a problem with your truck, you can bring it to Bachman Chevrolet, and we can fix it under warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bachman Chevrolet realizes the upfitting process presents unusual challenges, particularly for new buyers. That’s why we collected answers to the most frequently asked questions and included them here. Of course, if you don’t find the answer to your question, feel free to contact us, and one of our truck specialists will get you your answer.

Will My Rocky Ridge Truck Be Brand New?

Yes. Most of the trucks Rocky Ridge Trucks builds come directly from the factory. Or, if you find a new truck in our inventory, Bachman Chevrolet will send it to Rocky Ridge Trucks instead.

Does Rocky Ridge Trucks Build All the Parts It Uses?

No. Rocky Ridge Trucks builds most of its parts in its facilities, and in some cases, they have parts manufactured by approved vendors. However, they need to outsource a small number of parts to complete specific builds. When doing so, they choose the highest-quality parts from respected manufacturers.

Can I Order Rocky Ridge Trucks Parts and Install Them Myself?

No. Unfortunately, Rocky Ridge Trucks only sells replacement parts to existing customers. You can contact their warranty department if you need a replacement part on a former build. A warranty specialist will need your VIN to confirm your customer status and order the part. You’ll have to get the part installed at Bachman Chevrolet. If you moved out of the Louisville area, you can bring your truck to any participating dealership.

Can I Bring My Used truck in for Upfitting?

No. Rocky Ridge Trucks only builds with new models.

Will Upfitting My Truck With Rocky Ridge Trucks Void or Compromise My Warranty in Any Way?

No. In addition to preserving your factory warranty, Rocky Ridge Trucks proudly offers a bumper-to-bumper warranty for three years or 36,000 miles on all its parts. In addition, if you need a warranty service, you can bring your truck to Bachman Chevrolet.

How Much Does a Build Cost With Rocky Ridge Trucks?

Bachman Chevrolet doesn’t have pricing information on builds. However, Rocky Ridge Trucks has various packages they can price out for you when you contact them. In addition, if you want to adjust packages, your Rocky Ridge Trucks design specialist will go over the details, including pricing.

Will Lifting My Truck Affect My Towing Capacity?

No. You might need a new hitch to account for the height adjustment. Rocky Ridge Trucks can supply this for you.

Can I Continue To Upgrade After I Purchase a Rocky Ridge Trucks Build?

Yes. Rocky Ridge Trucks will only work on a used model for an existing customer. You need to coordinate with the Rocky Ridge Trucks warranty department.

Can I Get Replacement Parts for an Older Rocky Ridge Trucks Build?

Yes, in most cases, Rocky Ridge Trucks has the parts available. However, if the part was discontinued, their warranty department can find a suitable replacement.

Do I Keep the Factory Parts After the Build?

No. Rocky Ridge Trucks applies a discount to your build to compensate you for those new parts removed to complete your build.

Can I Finance Directly Through Rocky Ridge Trucks?

No. Because Rocky Ridge only sells through dealerships, they don’t have an in-house financing program. Instead, all financing occurs through Bachman Chevrolet’s finance department or your preferred bank.

Order Your Rocky Ridge Trucks Build Today

Bachman Chevrolet wants your truck-buying experience to be one you want to repeat and recommend to everyone. That’s why we partnered with Rocky Ridge Trucks to give you access to the best in the business at upfitting trucks. So, if you’re ready to order your truck, we recommend you begin by shopping our truck inventory online. Don’t worry if you don’t find a truck you like. We can order it and have it shipped directly to Rocky Ridge Trucks for upfitting.

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