Appearance Care Protection

Keep Your Vehicle Looking Brand New

EG Assurance provides our customers with a number of Appearance Care products to keep the interior and the exterior of the vehicle looking and feeling new. When applied to the vehicle’s interior or exterior surfaces, these products are designed to protect the vehicle from damage to its appearance.

Interior protection products protect the vehicle’s appearance against:

  • Water, oil, or food based stains, sticky residue, make-up, crayons, and more.

Exterior paint protection products protect the vehicle’s appearance against:

  • Fading, oxidation, and loss of gloss due to UV rays and rain.
  • Damage from hard water spots, road and sea salt, tree sap, bird droppings, insects, acid rain, and spray paint.

EG Assurance Appearance Care Protection Benefits

  • EG Assurance guarantees the performance of these protection products.
  • If the protection product fails to perform as indicated within the terms of the contract, then coverage is provided for repair or replacement of the affected surfaces of the vehicle.

Appearance Care Protection Claims

See contract for actual terms and conditions. Coverage terms may vary based on the type of vehicle and coverage selected.